The design for this website is inspired by non-dominant hand art therapy, a practice that enhances communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Unlike creating with your dominant hand, writing with your non-dominant hand increases access to right hemispheric functions like intuition, emotion, creativity, and spirituality. These things are lost in the autopilot or muscle-memory nature of creating with our dominant hands.

Each art title on this page was written with my left hand, allowing me to connect deeply with each word. I learned this technique during my time at Central Coast Treatment Center and practice it regularly with art, journaling, and affirmations.

The saying “Usual Heart” 平常心 was passed down from my ancestors in Hong Kong. They would tell me when times are hard, approach each day with my usual heart, or calm everyday attitude.

Earlier this year I fell in love with fiber art- combining typical paint and drawing mediums with textiles and thread. Fabric holds so much emotion, and I love including fiber elements in my pieces.

I also enjoy drumming and am currently studying jazz drumming. I am fascinated by the bilateral stimulation nature of drumming as it relates to EMDR Therapy, and hope to explore this further as a medium.

My film is shot mostly on a Nikon L35 AF and I mail it in for development at Legacy Photo Lab in Fort Worth. I use 35mm Fujifilm at 400 ISO and Portra at 800 ISO.

By day I practice software engineering, most recently at Twitter and NASA. Currently based in Seattle but figuring out where to land next~

Feel free to connect or reach out :~)